Down To The Last Bit

6 Apr

I don’t know what my first words would be here.


A ‘hello’ would be nice. A ‘hey what’s up’ would be nice too. But I can’t. I can’t say all of those heartwarming opening remarks to the people who’d read this because, Katrina is sad.


I am sad.


I can’t pretend that everything’s fine when everything’s not. And I know this is a heavy start.


But I just can’t help but frown. I can’t even try to smile. Something’s rigged in me. Something’s off.


Things around me are just whirling on and on at an almost unthinkable speed. It’s like I’m housed inside a tornado – everything out of place, everything out of control.


I had a fairytale for the past few weeks. But I blew it off. I screwed things up and now I don’t know how to put them back as they were.


And now my life is a big puzzle. With the pieces of it lost.


I’m so sad. So sad.


And now looking back to the beginning, my first words here are all about me being confused. I’m confused down to the last bit. I’m caught in this turmoil. I don’t want to get out but I am desperate for an exit.


Let me out so I could get in.






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